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Being right…….

I’m no different, than any other human, we “enjoy being right”. And as a fly fisherman, it’s imperative…. There are those that try really hard to be right, so they can tell you so….. Some just get joy in being … Continue reading

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Seasonal musings…..

I live in California’s Sierra mountains, around 6000 ft, near the town of Truckee. We are still in the grip of winter here, such as it is. So far, a very light grip. This could, of course, still change dramatically … Continue reading

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Truckee River 2-7-12

I’ve been standing in water quite a bit lately, and feeling better for it. The flows are inviting at the low winter levels of 300-400 cfs. Clear/green. Temps are chilly (45deg air, 37 deg H2O), and require little breaks on … Continue reading

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