Being right…….

I’m no different, than any other human, we “enjoy being right”.
And as a fly fisherman, it’s imperative….
There are those that try really hard to be right, so they can tell you so…..
Some just get joy in being right, to make life better for themselves, and perhaps others as well.
In this case, I think I can nail both at the same time.
Today, the Skwalla stones appeared on the Glennshire stretch of the Truckee river, near the town of Truckee.
They move upstream, maybe a mile a week.
I didn’t expect them here for at least 1-2 weeks more..
Like I was saying just yesterday, stay tuned to the menu, keep your box stocked, and stay alert……
The fish will not rise to them much, for 1-2 days yet.
The fish do live in the moment.
But it can take a day or two for them to really catch on.
I will fish a very low-riding adult dry if I can get away with it, but perhaps the best way to fish them, is drowned.
Don’t take my word for it, do a seine of the water. You will often find more sunken, than floating on the surface.
Some of the largest Browns taken the last few years by my friends/clients have been on a dry, during the Skwalla emergence late-morning/early afternoon..but later in the day there will be far more adults submerged/spent in mid-river.
Fish very slow slack-water near shore with the dries. The fish will post up in very shallow water 1-2′ and shop around in the glassy stretches. In addition to being slightly warmer water for the fish, on the edge (maybe 2-3 deg.), the bugs also actually walk onto the river’s surface tension from the bank.
Use a lighter leader 5X-4X, and mud your leader to keep it sneaky.
When you can, spot a riser first, then stalk. Listen for slurps…..
The report couldn’t be much fresher……go get’em!

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