Truckee 3/18/12

Another small snowfall last night.
Winter is trying to rally.
It is a little late, but we’ll take it.
So far, we are seeing one of the driest winters on record.
In the past I’ve reported on droughts for the newspaper.
Wandered through the halls of academia asking questions.
Seems there is hard science and soft science on this subject.
The hard science amounts to the weather service tracking the last 130 years of actual rainfall/snow.
Tree ring studies, and sediment deposition rates for old lakes, among other studies, are considered “soft science”.
City planning, flood control, and water allocations around the state are based on the hard science stats.
This is practical, even prudent.
Until you hear from the soft stats that California, has in the past, experienced 300 year droughts.
Makes you wonder, how well we are really planning..

The storm track is sending moisture from Hawaii,but it mostly isn’t cold enough for snow.
Rain following the small snowstorms, can melt more snow than it delivers.
This is the third drought I’ve seen in my life.
I harbor no illusions, about water now.
Liquid water is the most precious resource in the Galaxy.
For us, and for the trout.

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