Nature moments

The best thing about being out on the water, is what we see on the way to, and from it.
Slight dustings of snow let all the critters sign in.
On the way to the water we followed some bobcat tracks left after the last storm.
He meandered to a tuft of grass sticking up through the snow, urinated on it, then he fell down rolled over, and started scratching and scenting. A bobcat snow angel……
A little further along, his tracks joined another bobcat’s.
Must be spring….
A cougar has been leaving tracks near a friend’s house, with smaller kitten tracks alongside them.
I think a rabbit under the porch is a lesson in hunting.
Geese are honking it up.. you can hear them at night, and dawn, flying south.
Many of the birds of summer, have returned. Hearing songs I haven’t heard in five months..
Watched a Stellar Jay male, feeding several Skwalla to his mate.
You would have though it was valentine’s day by their posturing. Chocolates my dear?
Redtail hawks are paired up and soaring circles.
My personal favorites for tracking the progress of spring, are American Dippers.
They stay the winter with us, a tough gig….
Lately they’ve stared acting amorous, chasing each other around like kids in elementary school.
They pursue both in the air, and under water. Then they will sit and sing joyful duets.
Although they mate for life, they still have to reinforce the pair-bonds every spring…..
Oh, and I saw my first mosquito this week……squished her.
Trying to get the season off to a good start…..

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