Perfection, is a rarely achieved state.
But my search for perfection is constant.
Fishing the Truckee requires raising the bar on our technique.
I say there is no secret to it.
Just do everything you normally do, just better.
I always say Walter will find your weakness too.
Here is sequence to try.

1. Don’t rig at the car.
How do know what’s going on?
By going to the water…..
Pick the wrong fly and no love…..
Watch the air, check rocks, do a seine.

2. Use a fresh leader.
If there is the slightest nick in it,
wave bye-bye……
Start out with a heavier dry fly leader (4x), then go lighter (5x) for more grabs.
I recommend mud for your leader at high noon.

3. Good knots!
I lost a fatty yesterday due to a bad knot.
Actually, the knot was good, but I had already caught a nice fish on it.
Always re-tie after catching a fish. Trout have teeth, and a nick on the knot is a possibility.

4. Try not walking on the fishing trail.
Fish know who walks there.
And don’t hop on top of a big rock either.
I don’t care if that’s how Brad does it……
Once you break the horizon line, they know it’s game on.

5. Don’t walk up to the water directly either.
Many fish hold near shore.
Most of us have “over-there syndrome”.
Looking at the other side first is easy.
Fishing close first is harder..
Been catching more fish since I started this policy.

6. Shorter casts are best.
The further away you cast/fish,
the less likely you are to perfect your cast.
Whenever you feel yourself straining, you are too far out.
As the old guy told me, “fish with your feet”.
Don’t false cast over them either.
Line shadows/ rod movement bothers them.

7. In my opinion “the drift”, is the most important part of this whole deal..

“A good drift with the wrong fly, will catch more fish than, a bad drift with the right fly.”

Fish have a hard time saying no to a good bug, AND a good drift.
The drift, is only as good as your mends.
No slashing sideways mends, lift and flip gently.
No auto-mends either, see what the line is doing on the water, and mend accordingly.
And a good “reach cast”, is worth two mends……

8. Set often, many fish are missed here, because folks wait for a memo, to feel it…
A small “check set” will let you know if they are there.
If not there, continue the drift.
Try deselecting the “rod set” mode. Swing with the current, downstream.
Lift the rod and often you will just pull the fly away from them.
Also, beware of the Auto-set…….
Not all fish are the same size here, so an appropriate set for each is a good idea….

9. When you do hook up,………run!
Don’t try to make them come to you.
If you have 5 lb tippet, and hook a five pound fish, the river will do the work for them.
Follow as closely as possible.
Then guide them into slow/shallow water.
Watch for “the big move” right at the net. (Bring a bigger net too. I like a 17-18″ long opening.)
These guys are good and big..

10. Keep them in the water to handle them.
Use a fish-kind net. Forget hand landing!
Tell them how beautiful they are.
Don’t let them go till they are fully recovered.
Don’t lay them on the shore for photos either………………………..
Better to not have a photo, than kill that prize.
If you do it right, he’ll be there next time (and smarter).

The Truckee is an awesome fishery.
Persistence, and perfection, are the keys to the kingdom.

They say 10% of the fishermen catch 90% of the fish.
These steps will help you join that club.

Remember, as you get into bigger fish, your responsibility increases.
Take care of your fishery, and it will take care of you…….

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Full time fly fishing guide on the Truckee River and other California state waters. Smaller stream techniques as well as switch rod instruction. 40 years experience fly fishing. Catch and release only.
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