Gentle-men fishing….

Since most folks don’t fish year-round, it is difficult to hone that inner fish ninja.
Preseason practicing helps of course. Getting that cast squared away is good.
But how does one get the most out of fishing time on the water, once the season has begun?
Of all the ways there are to get better at fishing, I think “gentlemen fishing” may be best.

An early version of this approach, was in Briton around three hundred years ago.
The lord of the manner would walk the beat with a guest.
Trading rods perhaps, as they walked to different fishy spots.

Several friends, guides, and a few clients, fish with me this way now.
Minimal heckling is involved actually.
OK, a little….. but not enough to ruin the fun.
We give a set number of tries on a hole.
3-5 drifts is a normal amount per turn.
The others watch carefully, because it’s their turn next.
Did he have a good drift?
Was he deep enough?
Did he use enough weight?
Were those the right flies?
We all need to know…..
Some rules have evolved too.
If you miss a fish three times, you are done.
If you break off a fly, you are done.
Catch a fish and someone else is up….

Much of the time, most of us fish a little sloppily.
We get the job done fairly frequently, but could do better.
Gentlemen/women fishing, is one way to steepen the learning curve.
Later, when fishing alone, you may recall the same concentration level.
Give yourself 3 drifts.
Process the info, and make it so……

You can increase the learning pressure further (and excitement), by spotting fish for each other first…..
Spotting for another, gives a help to the fisher on the water.
Which they will appreciate….perhaps by buying you a frosty beverage later…..
Glare often prevents the fisher from seeing the fish they’re after.
The spotter, in turn, gets the lesson.
Watching a fishes “body language” as a fly approaches them is educational.
The fish may show faint interest, make a small move and back, turn to take and refuse it.
And best of course, the slow acceptance, of the offering.

If you desire earnestly to improve your skill set.
Find a friend who burns to learn as well…..
Then go “gentlemen fishing”.

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Full time fly fishing guide on the Truckee River and other California state waters. Smaller stream techniques as well as switch rod instruction. 40 years experience fly fishing. Catch and release only.
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