Truckee – 4/10/12

The menu is changing….
All winter it’s been little bugs.
Lately the Skwalla have been the big draw.
Now they are naturally winding down, and the rest of the “Bugs of Spring” are going to kick in……
Saw my first March brown Adult yesterday (Mayfly).
Found several Caddis shuck in the shallows.
And saw one large Tan Adult fluttering about.
And soon…the flying ant…
Have them ready….

Flows are a little low up near Truckee town.
Search for darker water.
Get that drift. Smaller flies 20-22 range working on selective fish.
Approach carefully.

Some action lower in the canyon as well.
Tim’s Crays might be worth a try, but the set better be fast.
Try swimming it, instead of drifting it.

A lighter tippet is a good call. The water is green/clear. 43-46
(At times 13ft 4-5x leaders, with mud for dries. 10-12ft 3-4x subsurface.)
More takes will be the reward.
Good luck keeping them on…..

One outcome of fishing pressure, year-round, is fish with game…..
I go out with all kinds of fish catchers.
Some that are very, very good….(to preserve friendships they will go unnamed.)
More than a few are in a fish l-a-n-d-i-n-g slump.
This river makes….all of us focus.
We study our bugs, study our drift, and shazam….there are fish in here!
But now that we have what we burn for, what to do….?
The best of these fish will amaze.
Last year I hooked a brown in the 8 lb+ class who went 7-8 tricks deep.
He did it in rapid order, with clear malice of forethought, in front of a client.
I was with him all the way, trick for trick…
Finally, he did a swim by, apparently just to give us a serious stink eye.
Because, he then made the jump to warp speed, to a spot just below a pour-over on a beaver dam, forty yards away.
There he surfaced and was swept over the top.
End of lesson…. for both me and my client.
I didn’t mind… was a new trick for my play book….and I already have a pretty good collection..
The client had new respect for his quarry too…..he suddenly got serious about it.

A while back, I hooked a huge Rainbow right at the brink of the biggest cascade on the T.
I knew better….
Yep….he went right over the top. I couldn’t pull him up, and couldn’t begin to follow.
Seemed like he clearly knew the outcome, and that maybe, that’s why he was there to begin with…..
The fish profile us, find weakness, and strive to get away.
I often wonder how many times they are hooked in a 6-7 year span on the Truckee.
Many I’m sure…..
Add wild trout attitude, fish exceeding ten pounds and well……
Their stats on hookups/escapes do them proud, and why landing a fatty here is special.

Even though I prep my clients beforehand (and myself), it still seems like a fire drill, when we hook up.
Hard-wired responses generally kick in.
So the best advice I can give, is to mentally rehearse possible responses, before the fish is on, and debrief after a hookup..
Unlearning old habits, is a good first step here.
Learn from mistakes, and don’t repeat them.
Then, raise concentration levels when fishing.
The next drift could be the one….

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Full time fly fishing guide on the Truckee River and other California state waters. Smaller stream techniques as well as switch rod instruction. 40 years experience fly fishing. Catch and release only.
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