Truckee – 4/17/12

Looking like a beautiful week.
I think the flows are about as nice as they will get.
Flows will be warmer on a low water year.
Fish early this year……

Right now the H2O temp is around 46 deg. clear/green.
Nights are still freezing (barely), this may be the week the melt starts.
We will see whether it is a quick melt, or delayed.

Bugs are the same, waiting for Ants.
The seines I’ve been doing are full of all sorts of bugs.
From very large Golden stone, to midge larva. (sz4 through sz24 respectively)
More food means happy feeding fish.
Bring your seine, and a box-o-flies.

Had a mink moment yesterday.
Keep your eyes peeled for these little locals.
When we are standing in a stream, they don’t seem to see our profile as well.
Got to watch for about five minutes, as it hunted on the opposite shore.
Then, when it was gone, I one-drifted a 16″ Brown trout..he passed on a cray, to eat a march brown nymph….
What a sweet way to end the day.

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