Truckee – May

Summer is here! (To fish, and me, a calendar is irrelevant. It is what it is.)
It is warm up on the hill. (Bring sun screen, and don’t forget to drink–water!)
Water is at about 60 deg, air temp 70s.
The fish are playing a bit more actively.
They may eat a March brown nymph at 9:00 am.
Then around 10:00 am the adults pop.
They linger after a while, and stop.
Baetis nymphs, and spinners later.
Ants are on the loose……. fish not bingeing yet.
Sure it’s fun to see fish rise to them, but it could be a long morning….
Put on a split shot and drown that Ant!
Can be a challenge to raise one around high noon.
It’s gone more, early and late.
A client got 2 fish in three drifts with a little yellow stone nymph in the evening.
A friend had a big bow try to eat his bobber, took his SJ worm instead.
Another friend (a fish ninja) had 17 fish in a long day of fishing.
Rolling out at 8:00 is worthwhile now.
Nights are outstanding to camp. (Campgrounds are open.)
The forest is free. (For a while yet.)

One good tip to fishing the T, is hit and run.
Don’t sit on a hole and pound it.
Make great drifts, surgically fish the hole and move on.
Watch a local fishing, if you wonder how.
It also helps if the fish don’t know you’re there.
Try not to wear bright colors (Including your hat.)
Use some cover to approach when possible.
Flows are near perfect.

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