Watched a DVD called “The Lost world of Mister Hardy” recently.
I highly recommend it. Set in early 1900s England.
Saw a total devotion to the cast.
Everyone makes 4-5 false-casts per cast.
It was pretty to watch….

Totally different from our approach today.
Virtually no false casts in my life.
Just pick it up and put it down.
A line in the air, does me no good….
The old guy told me years ago.
Can’t catch fish if the fly’s not in the water.

Distance and pretty form has given way to getting the job done.
Often, whether I’m throwing a dry fly, or my Indicator rig, I eschew aerialized casts.
Water anchored casts are my mainstays. Water-load casts, roll-casts, and assorted spey casts fill the bill.
Next time you lose a fly in a bush, think of these words.
Perhaps put aside convention, and keep line on the water.
Sure a big long loop in the air is pretty, but what good is it, if it leads to tangles and less flies.?
I have had many clients fish all day without mishap, using anchored casts, and still get fish to hand.
Hollywood may want to lead you on with “Shadow casting”, but not me…..

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