It’s looking like……

Winter is getting closer….
A big flock of Snow Geese flew through yesterday, headed to warmer climes..
I think they are the about the last to pass this way, till spring..
The skies are mostly empty.

The woods are pretty quiet too.
Except for a Stellar Jay who does a Redtail Hawk call……(I’d like to know how this helps him).
Ravens, Clark’s Nutcrackers, Pygmy Nut Hatches, and Mountain Chickadees will hang out till spring.
Belted Kingfisher, and American Dippers stay as well, keeping me company while I fish.
The water is quiet this time of year, everybody has decided to do other things.
Not me…..
Fishing is pretty good right now. Colder water, means hotter fish.
Only a couple bugs on the menu. BWOs sz20 and Midges to 22. (Alas, the grass hoppers are gone…)
This helps simplify things for fishermen.
Just get a good drift……
Some fish are rising in the PM. Sweet spinner fall later.
Sit and watch until you find a feeding fish, then stalk.
The low/clear water means they are spooky.
Water temps are falling. 46 deg.
Seeing smoke on the water in the mornings.
Burns off about 10:00 AM.
Down in the canyon, it is mostly snow free….
Couldn’t be much nicer really.

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