Blue sky

Today is one of those amazing Sierra days…
Days of misty, rainy, snowy, wet-slop, culminating in perfection..
Most of the snow is gone from the ground where I lurk..
It’s time to fish….Mostly high-noon for best results.
Increased flows over the last few days stirs up food for them.
They are moving slower to eat, so hit them on the nose for best results.
Baetis nymphs are probably best sz. 18-20.
Lots of worms in the net.
An egg will still work too.
Turned a 22″ Bow on a big Golden Stone nymph and an egg.
It was blustery and nasty out when it happened.
Big muddy water as well.
First drift through the hole…..
Like I always say, “They can’t leave the water, or stop eating for long.”
Dress for excess, and go have fun.

Added some insulation to the well house.
While I was in the process, a Pine Squirrel made off with some, for his nest.
Now there is a big pink ball up in a White Bark Pine.
I feel like I should cover it with some black plastic…be a good neighbor.

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