Crust w/dust….

The weather alternated between rain showers, and snow showers over the last 24-48 hrs.
Massive accumulations of 1-2 inches of snow..
Laid down a layer of icy stuff with fluff on top.
Typical el nino. Wet to start,with a cold finish.
Sub-zero temps last night -3 or so.
I fell down just getting out of my truck.
If you decide to come up…..
Drive a little slower….
Four wheel drive does not make you immune to physics, or black ice..
Been a rash of fender benders, as well as rollovers.
The trout, or the slopes, will be there.

Now to fish…
We often blast down to the water for a 2-3 hour session mid-day..
During that time….we catch 1-2 spunky bows, and call it good.
Repetitive drifts and patience this time of year is the key.
(I call it training for steelhead when it’s snowing.)
Precision drifts in slower water, with BWO soft hackles, and small nymphs.
Haven’t seen any Little winter stones yet…..
Golden stone nymphs of various sizes are in the seine. (Darker this time of year.)
SJ worms, sz 22-22 Baetis nymphs.
Flows have come down to normal winter levels.
Green/clear and spooky…
Lighter leader, say 4x, and less weight, for light takes when bobicating. (Smaller camo bobber too.)
5x for dries if you do see a riser. BWOs sz 20, and drymergers….
You should still be ready to run a bit if you hook up.
Plenty of oxygen in the cold water….40 deg and falling.
Speaking of cold, bring a change of clothes too….no kidding.
In the sun it feels warmer.
But it’s still below freezing out there.
It would be a shame to let wet clothes end the day early.
There are still fish to catch……
Two pairs of socks, fingerless gloves, good hat….
Bring that shell for the breeze.
About time to break out Dave’s anti-ice paste.
I recommend a one handed style….about 18-20 feet of line out.
Put that dry fly casting hand in your pocket…..
No line running through the guides to freeze.
Allows for fast Truckee check-sets…..
Soft takes are the rule mostly, set often for best results………….
You can move the bobber 8″, and continue the drift, if no one is home.
Set fast, but not too hard.
Big fish eat small flies in winter…..

Last week it was so warm/wet that my neighboring tree frog decided to serenade a bit.
This week, we are dealing with what looks and feels like winter.
Should be nice tomorrow though……

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