A dusting…

Chilly last night…16 deg.
Another fat 1/4″ of snow.
It’ll be gone in a flash.
The river is up, but color is good.
The next three days at least, look warm.
River temps will be low for a day, and then should swing up.
At that point I would expect a few risers to BWO’s, and Baetis.
The March browns have apparently stalled.
But I’ll bet they come back with warm air/water temps.
Fish the nymph…
Be interesting if the Carpenter Ants fly this week.
They often follow close behind the Skwallas…
And those are about gone..still seeing a few.
Haven’t turned a fish on one in a couple weeks.
Kind of like leftovers you just can’t make yourself eat….
Watch the birds….Especially Alder Gnat catchers, and Brewers black birds.
They help me keep track of the hatch.
When you first go to the water…no birds.
Then as it warms up, more and more.
You can see the frequency of feeding birds increase with the hatch curve.
Then later, it fizzles, and they go to the next easiest food.
Instead of flying up to grab the bugs from the air, they start feeding in eddies for spinners…
Surf the hatch….
Know what bugs are coming, and when…..(If you see a Steller’s Jay acting like a Gnat catcher, you can be sure the Ants are flying.)
Then stay ahead of the game.
You’ll catch more.

EDIT! Today!
A lady in the checkout line at mountain Hardware was all excited about BIG BLACK ANTS.
She wanted them to go away….”All of a sudden they just showed up!”
I’m excited to see them here!
Maybe this week….you heard it here first.

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Full time fly fishing guide on the Truckee River and other California state waters. Smaller stream techniques as well as switch rod instruction. 40 years experience fly fishing. Catch and release only.
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