Hard to believe how fast spring came on, now we teeter on the verge of summer.
The conditions are really fine.
Clear flows, slightly higher with a release from Tahoe.
Water temps dropped last week 56-57 deg. with cool air temps and clouds.
Tributary creeks are dwindling already.
As Tahoe’s surface temp rises, river temps will rise with little cooling effect from creeks.
And the “hard fishing” will begin. Fish now…
Wind increasing around noon, a wind breaker is nice.
So is a solid rollcast/waterload.

The hatches are increasing in variety and numbers.
Bring your Big box-o-flies…

PMDs are seeming be the favorite right now. Both dry, emerger, and nymphs.
But getting grabs on all sorts of other food forms as well.

Midges. Both large black ones, and very small sz22-24 darker and lighter.
Emerger and Larvae too.

Caddis. Large tan wing (Cream body) starting to show up.
Also a smaller light-color wing in the evenings. Cream worm, and green…
One could Czech nymph with a “Bottom roller” as anchor fly, and a hybrid rig with emergers above it…..

Crane flies are around. sz 18 Psyco Prince in yellow.

March browns still around, but fading…
Try a soft hackle, fish it short line and lift at the end of the drift.. (A la Liesernring. Google it.) (PMDs too….)

BWOs happen from time to time. Fish do not seen to rise to them, preferring larger forms for the work involved.
But they eat them down below…..

Skwalla shucks are on rocks again..haven’t seen one on the water, but still finding nymphs near shore. You can always try….

Saw a large Golden stone on a warm day this week. Worth drifting a nymph.

Green drakes could show any day….bring some nymphs, emergers, and dries.

Crays are out and about.

No hoppers flying yet.

But carpenter Ants are flying again. Large/small ants are crawling everywhere. Just a thought.

A streamer isn’t a bad idea…sz2 skulpin, or sz8-10 baby bow.

Basically, the whole river is fishing….. just bigger in the canyon. Bring a big stick….and weight.
Remember, in clear/slow water they have the advantage. In faster bubbly water, you do.
That about does it. Several VLFs (very large fish) got away this week, be heads up….
Hope you are getting out.

About Bigflyguideservice

Full time fly fishing guide on the Truckee River and other California state waters. Smaller stream techniques as well as switch rod instruction. 40 years experience fly fishing. Catch and release only.
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