Bugs….the menu.

I often compare the list of bugs available on the Truckee river, to a menu in a restaurant.
It’s a complete menu right now, breakfast/lunch/dinner, and of course, the special….
We have most business early and late, with lunch trade slowing a bit.
At dawn, sz20/22 Midges are rocking…a small safe appetizer.
One could swing a streamer, just in case the late shift wants a last snack.
Then, a few sz16 yellow Crane flies. The adults are nice to look at, but nymphs are the favorite…
Micro Caddis appear after a while. Small, and not very filling.
Perhaps a PMD or two ascending. These are a favorite, cream filled with nutty flavor.
Not too much surface action with fish, but the birds start feeding on the wing. Hint, hint…
At any time, a Green Drake could come floating by….that means, the nymphs are moving around…
If that doesn’t spark your interest…
Towards mid morning, the Hoppers start flying their mating flights. Zzzzit…
They, will become an afternoon special, as soon as the after-noon wind starts blowing. Two sizes sz 10 and 6.
As it warms, the hatch slows….
Black Carpenter Ants will be crawling around in the heat..full of formic acid, think crunchy/sweet/sour.
Another alacarte special this time of year…the Cray fish have spent the night molting.
Soft pale defenseless morsels, prized by gluttonous, covetous, devouring, edacious, gorging, gourmandizing, greedy, gross, hoggish, insatiable, never full, piggish, piggy, prodigious, rapacious, ravening, ravenous, sating, starved, starving, unquenchable, wolfish…big fish.
Sorry about that…my adjective button sticks.
This is the main course, except the fish are scared of eating a “loaded” cray…
Serve with a side of something small, for best results.
As the afternoon shadows start to creep on to the water, fish shade.
Golden Stones shucks are present on rocks, as evening emergers, they are on the move towards shore.
One miss-step, puts them on the menu. A satisfying crunchy big bite.
Cooling temps bring in the evening crowd.
Large and small Caddis start to flutter about. Try Cutter’s “Hot Butt Caddis” in the film.
A large tan adult (Elk hair)might be fun to fish, with a dry dropper.
Many Little Yellow Sallies are flying as well. Burk’s works.
A larger hatch of Pale Evening Duns kicks in around 7:30 pm. Some surface action at this point. Very popular!
Small sz 20-22 white May flies are abundant and popular too.
Baetis sz 18-20 black nymphs, and sz 20 adult. These are under fished…
If cloudy at all, a Blue Wing Olive still might show.
Evening, is another time to watch for the Drakes……..
Trying to catch this hatch is challenging, they are on the menu for maybe another week or so….
Hope you get to try some.
The menu is large, and makes it hard to choose.
Bring your bug seine, and use it.
If visiting the Truckee, bring your big box-o-flies…(Maybe two…)
Plenty of seating….bring a friend.
Casual attire is encouraged, heck, wet wade it…
Open ever day/night….Bon appetit.

About Bigflyguideservice

Full time fly fishing guide on the Truckee River and other California state waters. Smaller stream techniques as well as switch rod instruction. 40 years experience fly fishing. Catch and release only.
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  1. fishontoo says:

    Thanks for the laugh Jim! One of our favorite blog posts of yours yet. Brilliantly funny.

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