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Looking bad…..

Thought I’d give a snow report……Grim. Told someone a couple weeks ago, that this is the worst year I’ve seen since 1976. Yesterday, I heard that it is actually a worse year….A new record….. This is the third year of … Continue reading

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Fish Stats…..

Being math challenged, I don’t actually keep numerical fish data. But having fly fished over forty years, I’m beginning to see the patterns by now. As humans, we fish alike, it’s kinda hard not to… Highly pressured fish learn how … Continue reading

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A day of snow….

Blue sky this week and fishing will be good.                                                               … Continue reading

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It has been fine out there…..looks like Spring……                                                                           High noon fishing is on right now.                                                                                                     Small bugs are the main fare.                                                                                                                 Baetis (dark) sz 20                                                                                                                                    BWO sz18.                                                                                                                                                Little winter stones sz18.                                                                                                               Master the slow drift with a small bobber and … Continue reading

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Warming trend…..

The temperature swing this week was a classic. From twenty below zero, to  forty above.                                                      … Continue reading

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We got a foot of snow, so I’m making the call……. Very chilly at nights, the water and drinks inside of my ice chest froze……                        Days are sweet. Roads are a little nasty today, drive slowly……..         … Continue reading

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Fall cont…..

The last few days have been so fine, I suspect we are nearing the last of the season…             Leaves have fallen, and birds have flown.                                                                                     The nights are chilly and we have frosty/foggy dawns.                                                              But days were beautiful and warm. … Continue reading

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