Monthly Archives: January 2014

Watching fish…..

Took an hour to go watch fish….no, I didn’t take a rod along…. I’ve found I can learn more by not fishing…… High clouds had diffused the sun to soft portrait light with no shadow A glassy area of water … Continue reading

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Midge Musings……

Sitting next to the water today, I was mesmerized by the smallest of the small.                       A miniature blizzard of bugs. Midges are just big enough to enjoy without magnification….. From the family Chironomidae, these non-biting insects live for 3-5 days … Continue reading

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Chilly at night, really nice during the day. Air ranging from 20 deg., 50+ deg. Water holding pretty steady at 39-40 deg. Very clear, and low winter conditions. Fishing is good, but they are spooky……                                                                                     Easy to get around near water, a … Continue reading

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Skimpy dump…..

We achieved another dusting of snow……. A skimpy 1/4″ of the white stuff. It will melt by Monday, more than likely. The river will rise a bit and go slightly off-color for a day.                                                               Next two days will bring wind out … Continue reading

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The bright side…..

I would say we are deep into winter….but there is no deep, to winter.                                Little, to no snow out there.                                                                                                               It’s going to get bad if we don’t rally in the next few months.                                                  The good news right now, is … Continue reading

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