We seemed to turn a seasonal corner, the grass has turned a golden color this week.
Water is warm enough to wet wade near Tahoe. 64 deg.
Which means the fish are starting to be a little less comfortable.
Warm water holds less oxygen, so handle them with care.
Take them to the bubbles, and wait for them to fight a bit for release, not just the first wiggle….
Use a net to scoop them, playing to hand is not cool.
Best to fish early, when water is coldest.
Found my first dead fish this week on an early morning trip.
My bet, played too long on lighter tippet. in evening water. 4lbs of wasted trout…..
This is one of the ways I can tell what season it is….
If you are going to fish the evening rise, as soon as the light leaves the water, go to heavier tippet.
The fish and I thank you.
Into the canyon the conditions improve. it’s 5-6 degrees colder down there..
Golden stone nymphs still lead the menu.
Little Yellow Sallies are out in force.
But, Grass Hoppers are flyin’ afternoon. (The Special.)
Caddis are starting to pick up.
A few tiny Mays sz 20-PMD with a passing cloud.
Still able to find a riser or two, but mostly they’ve gone deeper.
Foamy stretches are good for high sticking.
Watch other fishermen to see what water to fish……or not.
If you really want to catch a fish, I recommend not sleeping in.
High-noon is when you take a nap……
Not saying you won’t hook-up then, just a lot more casts for the love…..
Give other fishermen some space to enjoy the water.
Try to find a pull-out no one is using.
Fish will move from pressured areas, to less pressured.
They just don’t like hooks……
So, maybe fish some new water…..and/or a new style.
It’s only going to get warmer, so fish soon for best results…
It seems we are enforcing our own water this year….
Let the Warden know if you see barbs and bait in play………
Looks like it’s on the increase……
Don’t hesitate to educate…”in case they didn’t see the signs.”
If you get told off….don’t provoke….
CFW Dispatch # (916) 445-0380
Cal tip # (888) 334-2258
Put them on speed dial…..

About Bigflyguideservice

Full time fly fishing guide on the Truckee River and other California state waters. Smaller stream techniques as well as switch rod instruction. 40 years experience fly fishing. Catch and release only.
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