Feisty cut bow with serious spots! A Flint fish…..
Wild is best!!!

Between the wet snowfall, and the rain, and runoff, the river is up.

Weather swings from beautiful and warm to chilly and early spring.

We have weather!
Snowing nicely…….not much sticking..(1 hr. later) blue skies……(1more hr later) back to blizzard…. As we say when some one asks about the weather….wait a few minutes…..

….Green grass is peeking out in places.
We are still just below freezing at night.
And snow’s melting rapidly….4-6″ a day or so..

Water is up in the grass, not a good time to try crossing…
Light green is the color.
Water temps drop late in the day with increased melting…42 down to 38 deg.
The sound of dripping is common…

Bwos in the afternoon.
Skwallas about done near town, but there are still a few…
Little winter stones are around.
Seeing some large and small Caddis….
Midges of course…..
Crays and worms….
Coming into a Spring menu…….Hooray!
Robins showed this week……it’s official, we ain’t going back to winter.
Parking is better….Glennshire is open.
We will have high water for a while…..so if you need help sorting it out, give a call.
It’s not the size of the water…..it’s whether the flow is stable…and it is..
I’m on the water almost everyday……

About Bigflyguideservice

Full time fly fishing guide on the Truckee River and other California state waters. Smaller stream techniques as well as switch rod instruction. 40 years experience fly fishing. Catch and release only.
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