brown[1]It may not last long….but we are into Fall. Rainy, chilly, and quiet on the water.

But officially, we made it through another season…….
Met a bunch of fish….but the big ones were difficult for clients this year.
I have seen far too many fishers, dig their heals in and (try) to hold a fish in the Walter weight class. I start every trip describing how to react if it happens to you. But fishers fall back to muscle memory in the crunch……….often, raising the rod straight-up, and holding the line tight……..lifting a fish is a good way to lose them, but most everybody seems to do this. Sweep-set downstream and move with them for best results.

My buddy put on a clinic with this brown…he traveled 75 yards with him. The light wire hook used in a sz 18 soft hackle, that would have straightened, or broke off, had he tried to hold him.

When I say run….RUN!

This is the time of year to hunt your big guy……..how will you react?

Pre-visualize what you intend to do IF you hook-up. Anytime I think I have a good drift going, I start to rehearse my reaction. This gives you a fraction of a second advantage ………and, a chance to meet fish of dreams.

Give me a call if you feel like hunting……………..

About Bigflyguideservice

Full time fly fishing guide on the Truckee River and other California state waters. Smaller stream techniques as well as switch rod instruction. 40 years experience fly fishing. Catch and release only.
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