How motivated are you to learn?

It’s occurred to me over the last 40+ years of fly fishing that some fishers don’t want to get better at this sport….they would prefer the fish get easier…….IF THAT SOUNDS LIKE YOUR APPROACH…… can stop reading now………..I believe this sport was designed to help you face problems, and work through them…well, maybe not designed that way, but that is how it works out….

Every day I go out, it’s a different day, I do not expect the yesterday’s solutions to work today. Many fishers act like everyday is the same. These are the ones who should consider another sport (or quit complaining)….maybe take up Crocket, or shuffle board perhaps….But, if a challenge wets your appetite and you never like it the same way every time….and maybe even enjoy a little suffering……fly fishing might just be for you.

I have said many times….just not in print….that there are two kinds of fly fishers….Consumers and connoisseurs……Some buy a license and a rod, waders etc….and expect a fish, I mean, how hard could it be? They’re just dumb fish right?                       These are the folks who tend to book trips to places like Idaho and Colorado because they have 4000-6000 fish per mile….some of which, having just arrived in a truck…… are amenable to being caught. I think that was my belief in the beginning as well…..if I catch a lot of fish, that means I’m a good fisher…..or, fish-hero even…the actual fishery wasn’t a consideration…..I just wanted a fish. If I didn’t hook up, it was the weather or the fish, but not me….. I started on cute back country fish who had never seen a hook. then chased them in stocked lakes, and later stocked rivers…..not exactly a high bar setting in retrospect……Kinda like stealing cookies from girl scouts……

Now, I fish the Truckee river with 400 fish per mile, and more education than most who pursue them. There are a few stocked fish here….but those are not the ones I want to chase. These days, I don’t care if I catch fish (unless it’s Walter), but I want to know all about them, and the ecosystem in which they reside, and to have the game to catch one if I need to.

I have learned many things about myself while fishing….how to deal with failure for one thing….You won’t always catch one. How does that feel to ya? Does it make you want to book a trip to easy water, or go back to bait fishing? Or perhaps watch it on U tube?            If on the other hand, you want to learn it so bad that all other activities pale and some suffering is OK……..Give me a call, you are the student I want…….It may take a few seasons to get a handle on this activity, and this river, but in process you may earn more than knowledge of the fish or the stream……you may find yourself as well…….At this point in my life I think of a stream as a flowing reality, and I want to wade right in………



About Bigflyguideservice

Full time fly fishing guide on the Truckee River and other California state waters. Smaller stream techniques as well as switch rod instruction. 40 years experience fly fishing. Catch and release only.
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