April moves……


A close fishing friend Andy strikes again. He is looking for something bigger, and is always willing to study.

We never know from year to year how the Spring melt will evolve. I spend a huge part of my life visiting the river and monitoring all the players in the riparian system. Doing this every day helps me get closer to predicting what will happen. But, the main two variables are weather and flow changes due to dam releases. If we experience very warm conditions obviously snow melts, if it rains we get a melt spike, and if it’s cool and cloudy our snow stays longer. I view the GOES WEST satellite from NOAA, every day….weatherhttps://www.goes.noaa.gov/dml/west/nhem/nepac/wv.html. If it’s warm, then the increased melt forces the Water Master to release more water, to keep from over-topping the dam. I’ve learned that fish dislike radical changes in temp or flows. When its cool and cloudy the flows steady up and the fish turn on. So the other predictor before going to fish the Truckee River, is to watch the USGS flow reports…https://waterdata.usgs.gov/ca/nwis/uv?site_no=10339410.
Therefore, I look for a day like today, with cloudy conditions and steady flows to go fish….
The way you learn when to go fish, is to go frequently, in all possible conditions for years/decades on end to find the pattern that is most productive.
Right now the water is a blue green color, and steady in temperature @47deg.
We are seeing an occasional Skwalla stone, but they are mostly done for the year. Many BWOs if it’s cloudy.
March Browns are starting to show as well. Watching how the birds are feeding will help you choose your bug offering for the day. I fish year-round, but the times of year I get a little more fish twitchy, is the time just before the melt, during the melt, and right as the river steady’s up into Summer. This is the prime time for finding your personal best fish because of the linking of factors……The food has arrived in the form of larger and more numbers of bugs.
The flow is high enough to provide a scouring effect that suspends more food in the water column. High flows also give cover for bigger fish to move. And the slight color allows us to work closer for better success.
Since many fishers think high water isn’t good, the pressure on the fish is at it’s seasonal lowest, and the fish are most willing to come and play……….Now, you just need a perfect drift…..give a call for the inner secrets of that art…..

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Full time fly fishing guide on the Truckee River and other California state waters. Smaller stream techniques as well as switch rod instruction. 40 years experience fly fishing. Catch and release only.
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