Flows are in a saw tooth pattern right now. Lowest at dawn and then rising as snow melts in the sun. Speaking of sun…..it went sunny about four days ago. I miss the clouds of spring. It just got harder……..
The flows in town are about 1400cfs, and clear green/blue. The river dropped 700cfs this last week. A couple inches a day.
The Flying Carpenter ants are about done. March Browns are dwindling…..
We await the Green Drakes!
Some Caddis are out and about finally. The Little Glossisoma, and a mid-sized as well.
Happened to see both a big Golden Stone yesterday as well as the little stones too, so we got that going for us.
Starting to see a few risers, but not often enough to sit and wait for them……..fish emergers for best results.
But carry a dry rod rigged in case you see a nose…..
They will move to a streamer now, if properly presented. sinking poly leaders on a Skagit will do…..7ips is what I like.
Think Sculpin….
There has been a spike of floggers on the water……makes it harder to find a fish that will eat, because they know we are after them! Bring more game is my attitude.
1. Don’t wear a white hat first of all….it gets there first. Dark clothes are suggested. The first thing I see from 200 yards away is your hat. So from 20 ft they can definitely see you. The classic light colored vest gets there second…..
2. Don’t just walk up to the water with your rod tip sticking out over the water either. Maybe hide behind a rock or bush.
The fish are very close until you bumble by them.
3. Don’t false cast. Water-load or roll cast is best.
4. Make the best drift in your life EVERYTIME. Get your elbow up above your ear to achieve this. Don’t move the bobber (Or a dry if you roll that way…) mending in
mid-drift!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                               This is the way they shop for dinner here, waiting for the un-natural movement, and then decline if it does.
6. Don’t fish like the other guy!!!!! Because he isn’t catching. He got up late and stalks at high noon, he only fishes one style (the only style he knows), probably has no clue on the menu (and just fishes his lucky fly.)

I’m not bagging on people, I’m relating how I see many fishers shoot them selves in the foot when out fishing.
Been working on my Doctorate on the UNIVERSAL fisher…..And, I am the president of the association…. having spent the last 30 years studying how a fisher can diminish their chances before making a cast. I study the good fishers too….the difference is clear, in the final fish score.
Since the fish are hip to the usual approach, if you do more than go through the motions, you will enjoy the outcome more.
I fished poorly when I arrived on the Truckee 30 years ago, by raising my game, fish will now almost come when called!
This is what I teach everyday….how to refine our fundamentals until you can whisper to them..
A bigger stick is recommended to cover water. You will be penalized by a 9ft 5wt.
We are using 3-4 AAA shot and a 15ft leader in these flows.
Remember to run if you hookup….you won’t be able to “winch” them back to you in these flows……
Yesterday was my official start of summer…..I wet-waded for the first time this year. (To my knees only…)
All in all, it’s time to fish……but then, it’s always time to fish.


About Bigflyguideservice

Full time fly fishing guide on the Truckee River and other California state waters. Smaller stream techniques as well as switch rod instruction. 40 years experience fly fishing. Catch and release only.
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