Getting REAL NICE!

OK…….so…… we have flows at perfect temps, and volume 517cfs. We have perfect weather.
We have big fish eating on top!
The only issue… we are up to our wader tops in floggers.
People sometimes don’t like my typecasting fishers…..just remember I was flogger at one time.
I’ve said, many times that the best way to fish, is not like the other guy.
Walking the trail at high-noon next to the water in a white hat, false casting and making 200 drifts over the same fish, without adjusting their rig even once.
It may sound harsh and even an exaggeration…..but keep in mind I have 48 years walking the water, and 30 on the Truckee river, and nearly 300 days a year on water.
Just standing around watching carefully, can help you become a better angler…..
4th of July is THE month not to fish like that other guy. The fish know exactly what we are up to, and so are profiling hard. A single errant cast can ruin a hole, and casting 50-200 times doesn’t help you increase the odds in a positive way…..
If you observe locals fish a high pressure river with big fish that are wild (Henrys fork ranch water, Silver creek, etc….) you will see them stand around mostly just watching.
They wait for a fish to feed, and sight fish them. If you know their position, and the food preference, you only need one good drift. If the fish misses the take, or you take it away (normal as well….)the universal fisher will fire several casts right back at them. I suggest ya go sit down, drink a beer or other inspirational bev, and wait till the fish goes back to work catching dinner. More casts, and more drifts, are the antithetical approaches.
Stalk that fish like you are a seal team sniper…..don’t think more drifts, think one good shot. And make it so…..

I realize that slowing down is hard when you don’t haunt the water all the time, but it’s the best advise I can give another fisher. Besides……GO FISH!!!!


Edit…..Bring a good flash light…it ain’t high noon fishing time.

Best bring 3x for your dries, anything lighter, you will either break off the big guy, or play them too long out of caution….once shadows are on the water, go big.

About Bigflyguideservice

Full time fly fishing guide on the Truckee River and other California state waters. Smaller stream techniques as well as switch rod instruction. 40 years experience fly fishing. Catch and release only.
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2 Responses to Getting REAL NICE!

  1. Lisa Aragon says:

    LOVE your posts… and your education! I’m still working hard to not follow the Universal Fisherman (and sometimes just have to sit down for that cold-one and recoup my skills). Hoping to get back up to your neighborhood soon. YOU ROCK!

  2. Thanks Lisa, I await your return…why?Because you listen and execute….like a Fish Team 6 member.
    Be here sooner for best results…..

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