Junuary has been the same all month, no real need to post. The fish are still in there and can be caught, but you better bring your A game.
I hate to think about a drought, but it’s looking pretty thin.
We aren’t giving up yet, because we got all of our winter last year in Feb…..but the heavens better unload soon.

Conditions: Water is at 130cfs, 40 deg, and very clear. Midges mostly…….BWOs are coming soon.
Skwallas are about to go as well! I saw one yesterday in the shallows. It’s the first big bug of the season!
When I walk the water, I look for a flat rock near shore, that’s in 4″ of water, that is slightly raised off the bottom, with a little flow underneath. They migrate across the cobbles to shore, then wait for duskish light to come out and molt. They don’t fly here because it’s too cold….so they walk to the bushes to copulate and them walk back midday when it’s warmest.
Just before they emerge they get together to chat in little groups….not sure what is going on with them……
I wonder if they release a pheromone to sync up their deal. I watched them last year come in a wave of emergence to avoid the bird predators. Robins love them too……and I watch the Robins for a change in their feeding behavior.
We also change the way we eat, when snacking on different foods. Lots of mysteries out there.
So here is your tie or buy alert………wouldn’t want to wait for them to sell out at the shop.
They only come once a year, and big fish like them a lot. sz 4, to sz 10. Dry or nymph. Fish dries near shore in shallow glassy water. I like to fish the other side of the river because the fish are very spooky on this side!

No need for snowshoes, and a light jacket is enough for the daytime stroll. In the shade it has that 30+ degree chill.
Let me know if you need to walk the water, I’m out there anyway.


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Full time fly fishing guide on the Truckee River and other California state waters. Smaller stream techniques as well as switch rod instruction. 40 years experience fly fishing. Catch and release only.
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