Snow update

I’ve been doing continuing education on the subject of snow, and thought I would share. The Inuit supposedly have 52 or so words for snow. I too have a lot of words for snow…..many are unprintable. This week was a test of Character as we went for a record amount for Dec. 200″. That is a lot of snow, since we didn’t get any for the first two weeks of the month. Which is to say, they could find you dead in a drift with a shovel in your hand. I’ll bet there isn’t a Honda snow blower available for sale for many miles. The locals are hunkered down, the tourists are stuck in drifts. You see lots of little cars with flatland tires that cannot get up the slightest uphill. So bring chains or don’t come up. And please do a practice session at home, and not in the middle of the road, in a blizzard ….. As always bring snacks,water, blankies, tow strap, as well as chains/tighteners. There is a window of light snow this week, which could be interpreted as an invitation to fish….flows have leveled and it is game on. The question is where to park? The other question is, how to get to the water? There is only one pullout along Glennshire drive, so that was easy. Snowshoes are now mandatory equipment. But, it is really fine out, with windows of blue….But not so much it puts the BWOs off. They like clouds, and so do I. Hasn’t been much pressure so they may be a little more relaxed than Summertime. Still takes a quality drift to get fish love. They are mostly pooled up, and thinking about the upcoming spawning. I figure it’s like a disco season….seeing who is looking good. Find some Griffith’s Gnats and master a downstream presentation, combined with a strip-set. You may see some risers late in the day.

If traveling up, aim for gaps in the weather, and don’t follow the hoard on the weekends. Roads are hardly plowed in town, let alone up in neighborhoods. We are in survival mode up here. If you can get to the water to fish, it should be quiet……Normal folks will not be out, but who wants to be normal?

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Full time fly fishing guide on the Truckee River and other California state waters. Smaller stream techniques as well as switch rod instruction. 40 years experience fly fishing. Catch and release only.
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