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In my opinion, anyone posting a fish report more than twice a month this time of year, is posting for a business boost…..Things go in slow motion in winter. Same bugs, same flows (300cfs in the canyon, 166cfs in town) everyday. The days have been warmish (near Tshirt today), with painfully blue skies. Being stealthy is good practice, when flows are low and clear. Fish a little farther away, and try not to wade much, fish from the shade when possible.. As always……don’t tell them you are coming. The midges (sz 20 or so….) are the main fare right now. They start emerging mid morning, and start returning to the water in the PM for the wild thing…..clumps may be seen on the water then, a Griffith’s Gnat is still the all time clump fly. Mainly nymphing right now, but if you are sharp eyed and patient, there is the occasional riser. The main issue is parking, there is very little open, that means there is a lot of water that isn’t being fished, since normal fishers fish close to the car…….Mornings the snow is very crusty/hard.The trail is often packed out. Snow will support your weight in the morning, but soft and breakable in the afternoon, maybe bring snow shoes for the return. Snow is about a foot and a half after melt/thaw for several weeks. We still are hoping for a fabulous Feb. or a miracle Mar. We may get more snow………but you never know. I say, fish while there is water. Ravens are acting amorous, at least they are thinking spring….I ran into a flock of 1000 Pine Siskins a while back. I wait impatiently for the Robins, because that means the Skwalla have started to emerge, and that means GAME ON!!!!!! This is your tye or buy alert….see you on the water.

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Full time fly fishing guide on the Truckee River and other California state waters. Smaller stream techniques as well as switch rod instruction. 40 years experience fly fishing. Catch and release only.
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