August + one……

Hey all!!!! We have air temps in the 90s, and more tourists than I can shake a fly rod at…… Water is 63 at dawn, and 68 at dusk. I suggest fishing before the sun hits the water, because it slows noticeably after that. The bugs leave the water and fish seek shade. Turned a nice brown on a hopper finally before noon a couple days ago……So, they are on the menu now. Any number of fishers use a chubby, but I find I do better if I try and match my fly to the local bugs. Fish a chubby in MT. and fish a Burk’s spent Hopper on the Truckee….it’s what Andy tyed it for! Other bugs….Golden stones, Lil Yellow Sallies, Glossasoma Caddis, and as always, if some clouds pass over a few BWOs pop. We get clouds as long as we have a monsoon effect coming up from the gulf. Fish the clouds, or the shade if the sun is blazing for best results. Water flows are coming down fast as predicted……Started the week at 370cfs. Now we are at 260cfs. Going down in the canyon is an idea, for cooler and bigger water. Forget going fishing at high-noon like a universal fisher, odds are much lower. After 50 years of watching fishers, you begin to see patterns in behavior. The majority are just going through the motions….”fly wishing” Let me know if you want to do more than that……..enjoy the warmth of summer, winter is coming.

BTW…..after 10:00am there will be a people hatch. Lots of “innert-tubes” etc. It also let’s you know it’s too warm to fish…in case you don’t own a thermometer. Over 65deg is tough on fish. Go below Farad for some quieter water. One could fish streamers if a gambler…..


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Full time fly fishing guide on the Truckee River and other California state waters. Smaller stream techniques as well as switch rod instruction. 40 years experience fly fishing. Catch and release only.
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