Going big….

Flows are at 1600-plus cfs below Martis creek. That is pumping! It’s 4000cfs down below Farad. Above the Martis confluence is fish-able, but still big. I spotted a riser yesterday…..but only one. He was hiding under a foamy patch in an eddy. Mostly, bobbers are the bet. A streamer will work, but strip slowly.The water is too cold for fast chases. Tease them! Midges and Baetis are the bug most seen out there. Mid-morning they go off. Seeing an occasional big Caddis. Prime fishing hours have moved up towards morning, but not early yet. The fish are no longer “pooled up”, but have spread out to more parts of the river. River color is green, going tan around noon. Had a trip the other day, fishing slower glassy sections with one AB split shot. It got quiet for a while….As the flows came up and went tan. We added a second AB and hooked up the next drift. Don’t just fish…..adjust and fish….The river is above the grass edges and in these flows, the fish are close by. Don’t fish the middle…..fish the edge. It has been breezy in the pm. Euro style is a tough technique in the wind…just watching a guy flail/fail is enough to convince me, if I didn’t know it already. We have weather coming the next few days. I embrace the weather change because the fish like it. Nuclear blue skies have not been helping us. Go get them!


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Full time fly fishing guide on the Truckee River and other California state waters. Smaller stream techniques as well as switch rod instruction. 40 years experience fly fishing. Catch and release only.
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2 Responses to Going big….

  1. laragon99 says:

    Had a GREAT time walking and learning from BigFly. Using new skills from BigFly I finally caught one of the elusive Truckee Rainbow Trout! The fight was epic (c or me). Love learning all the new skills that I needed to get trout to the net. Thanks BigFly for a great couple days. You are a wonderful teacher. You don’t hold back! My brain is still processing!

  2. Lisa….you did great! Lets do it again.

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