It is official…..Spring is here! The Birds have returned. I called it last week. Those Robins, they love Skwallas, almost as much as a hungry fish. Caddis have shown up too, and a few fish are eating the occasional BWO.

Water is above the edge of the grass and getting big for wading. 600cfs give or take. The color isn’t bad either….just enough tan for it to give us an advantage. Temp is at the magic 52 deg. and slowly coming up. There are a few folks out now, but more are coming……since the skiing is about done.

Feels like Summer isn’t far off…..fish now, Won’t be much to fish when the water gets low and warm. I believe that the spring melt has crested.

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March is here!!!

This may be my favorite month on the year fishing wise on the Truckee…. The water is 45 deg and slowly warming. The flows in town are at 338cfs. 300-400 is good for anglers of average wading and drifting skills. The menu has started to change for the better. Skwalla are the big bug offering right now. After a winter of chasing tiny bits of food, the fish suddenly realize there are good things to be had. Fishing the nymphs are still statistically the best approach, but the fish are starting to look up as well. I think of this bug as a double bacon cheese burger, apologies to the vegans in this crowd…..Maybe think of a plant based burger without bacon……You get the idea. The snow along the river is not deep. Depending on your physicality, bring snow shoes for getting to and from the water. Snow gets softer in the pm on sunny days, but along the river the bank is melting out nicely. The takes are soft, and slowmo due to colder water . The fish are colored up and well fed. Will report more often now because things are a changin…..Had a wild bee hang with me yesterday……we are all ready for Spring!!!!!

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It is once again beautiful and fishy. The 3 foot of powder we received, has reduced to one foot of pack. Snow shoes are a good idea, but much can be done if you charge it……. The conditions are still consistent, water flows low, clear and 35deg. Bug menu is still the same. BWOs and Midges of course…. BUT, Skwallas are starting to migrate towards shore. Won’t be long now…..Tye’em or buy’em!! I’m watching the Dippers, because they love a big bug, and waiting on Robins too…… Avoid the weekends mostly for quiet time on the water. See you out there.

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Jan 2021!

We have very little snow on the ground, so I need you all to think snow.

We still have another month or two for it to come, but if not, it may be a low flow season. Water experts are saying we are below 50% of normal. But since we have had 300 year droughts in our regional pre-history…… I always tell people to fish now…..But since winter may not come, fish now…….

The water is very clear and below 35deg. Baetis and Midges of course.

This season has seen more pressure than usual. So bring extra sneak. Don’t just wade in and flog them. Sit for a while near a good spot, stay low and slow, then make as few perfect drifts as possible. A small Indy that’s camo…clear or white is a good idea. In low water fish are hip to bobbers. They know about rod movement too…. I recommend a water load cast upstream as far as possible. Then tend the drift like it may be your last.

I have a new take on the number of drifts to make for a fish. When I do a seine for bugs, I do it for one minute then make a count of specimens. If I have 5 Baetis in the net, I won’t make more than 5 drifts in a minute (BPM). We have a tendency to over fish I think, so this is my way of not putting them off. Because as I always say, don’t let the fish know you are coming. Surprise them for best results.

Conditions are very Spring-like and pleasant right now, but some weather is on the way. I think it’s better fishing when cloudy.

Thanks for joining me for another season!

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The month is half way gone, but fishing is still on!

It has been very nice out in the fall sense…..I was waiting for more to post on.

Now it’s winter! But the fishing continues.

It’s chilly with some snow on the ground……Days like today it’s worth a walk whether you are fishing or not. Beautiful to say the least.

Water temps are stable at 40ish….air during the day is near freezing.

If you fish with the line locked off on the corks you can fish without the freezing line.

Menu has settled in with Baetis and Midges as the mainstay…….

A few risers if you a sharp eyed fisher…..

I suggest you go down and get your new license before New Years, that way you can build momentum on the year.

Be safe out there!

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November fishing report…

A pleasant time of year up here. Most visitors have returned home till the resorts open. We got our first dusting of snow, which melted immediately due to warm ground and warmer days. Some snow still lurks in shady spots, so hike with care. The flows are now low and colder (48), and very clear. Bring layers of clothes…socks and fleece , and a wind breaker is good.. Wade carefully as well, the rocks are coated with slime this time of year. The fish are overworked and buyer averse…….but that doesn’t mean we can’t find them, just that they can self release at a speed I have not seen in 30 years here. I tend to fish a little farther away because of this shyness…a little lighter leader is a good call, along with a longer drift…. The bug population has dwindled to our winter menu. Two primary food forms for the next few months. BWOs, and midges…a few little glossasoma Caddis still around. Occasional risers so carry a dry at the ready. Apply your best sneak….Rule #1 is in full effect, don’t let them know you are coming. See you on the water.

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Have had a difficult time keeping up with my blog with the covid closing the coffee shop I normally haunt. Many clients to guide as well…….a few beginners, as well as a few gunfighter level fishers. It is the time to hunt……..

2-3 different mayflies coming off late. A few small Caddis, and the occasional October Caddis…but they are done for the most part. The menu is becoming more limited, winter approaches. Warm enough to still have a few grass hoppers around……. Water temps are down to 56, with some smoke on the water at sun up.

The fishing hoards have mostly gone, so you can find some quiet time on the water. Give me a shout to walk the water!

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September update

One off my best recent students with a nice Truckee Brown!

Warm conditions in August kept me off the water most of the month. The smoke from fires has kept the flows cooler and some cooler nights have helped a lot.
Fish are catch-able if you fish well. They are tougher this year since the season started in Feb.
No Oct. Caddis yet, but I have my fly box stocked. Hoppers are still around, and Midges are on the fishes mind.
A Baetis nymph works too……
Smokey skies right now, best air, first thing in the morning.
Going to be tough for a while.

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August Caddis

The big October Caddis are running a bit early……pupating already.

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New Month!!!
It hasn’t changed much this last month…..The Green Drakes have faded away till next year…..sigh.
BUT, we have Golden Stones, and little Yellow Sallies in the house. Caddis are happening too. Several sizes…..12 through 20.
Has been windy a bit….had a guy out who found casting hard above 20mph….
So, I had him wind dap for a fish instead. Took about a minute for a fish to accept.
We bobber hard mid-day, swing a streamer way early, and late. Possibility of some dry action mid-day, and just before dark.
Try a hopper at high noon and afterwards when the wind hoots up.
PMD spinnerfall in the afternoon and evenings.
Did a seine for bugs and found Baetis popping, along side of tiny flying ants sz18-20.
The fishing pressure is intense along all of the river. Be sneaky for best results.

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