Getting nice….

I enjoy all the seasons….but, Fall may be my favorite. Cooler air and water. Water temps are starting at 59deg. and finishing the day around 64deg. With cooler nights this will drop slowly down to happy fish temps. Fewer people out pestering them helps too.We seem to have a fishy window in the morning. Nuclear blue most of the day. A spinner fall evenings may cause a few fish to rise. One indicator of an oncoming Winter, is that the Birds have left….told ya they sounded ready to go. I noticed that spiders are flying as well. Look towards the setting sun and you’ll see the hanks of silk glowing, along with all the other bugs. Many spiders crash land on the the crest, to be freeze dried and saved for Grey Capped Rosy Finch next Summer. Our current menu includes PMDs, Mahogany Duns, Midges both white and black. Some Caddis in a variety of sizes (Crystal white emerger works pretty well, and a Zebra too.) A drowned Hopper is a possible……Water is too low to fish in town, and down below Boca is off color due to a draw down in the lake. This gives you a shot at working closer to fish, and using a heavier leader. Had a friend turn a fish that straightened his big hook in a blink. Be ready out there, you never know who your dance partner will be…..See you on the water.

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A Dusting….

Foggy freeze this morning….and a bit of snow on the crest. I don’t think you need to wax your boards yet, but you should find them and lay them out as a memory aid. I fish all winter these days….no traffic to deal with, or lift lines…and only a few wiser than average locals for company. Going to go blue skies in another day, that means we will have a few bugs appear this week. The last menu change this season. Saw a couple larger PMDs yesterday….shocking! You have to watch carefully to know what’s doing. We don’t have a famous hatch that you can set your watch by. I never know what I will see till I get to the water. That’s after 30 years on the Truckee watching almost everyday. One theory I have, is that the first snow that falls on bare ground melts quickly, and triggers the Browns. I will be testing my theory this week. STREAMER baby……

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Officially Fall!

Rain is such a nice sound after a Summer without. Fire is less of a worry as well…….Feels fishy out there with clouds again. Flows are up from 52cfs to 59cfs ….in town, 525cfs down below.. Not much change visually, but we’ll take it. Water temps are down below 55deg. It will warm slightly after Thursday and the Hoppers will be on the menu again. A few bugs a-buzzing. I mentioned seeing an October Caddis, 2weeks from Oct. fish the nymph generally, but an adult dry might surprise. The seasons are on rails and slide around from year to year. Hatch guides are not spot on anymore. Do not fish out of habit! Always ask, “What’s on the menu?” then match it. Not sure how long till Winter…..but as I say… now!

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A pinch of color…

Yesterday I found a small copse of Aspen with the start of Fall color. Had our first frost last night as well. I think we are on a roll again! The water temps will be in the green zone for fishing all day. Now, it’s a race to fish Hoppers till they’re gone…when will that be? We rocked them till November last year…a personal best for me. Depends on when we get a hard frost, and that is different every year. With a little cooler temps you could swing a Caddis in the evening for a change of pace. Clouds could encourage a Baetis hatch so keep an eye peeled. I saw my first October Caddis last evening….. It was beautiful yesterday morning, then the Dutch Flat fire made it pretty bad up here. Nice right now, mornings are still best for breathing/fishing. 69cfs in town….too low to guide….but down in the canyon looks good @492cfs. Streamer season is now in session. Break out your big stick. Let the games begin!

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Sept…..the saddest month.

The river is getting down there. Flows at 79cfs in town. On track for zero flows in another week or so. The smoke was better this morning, not in the pm. Temps have moderated with this weather system coming through…think rain……As far as bugs, we are down to bare minimum. Hoppers are the bet, but in low flows it requires a stealthy approach and a perfect drift. Midges and a few Caddis around.They (the fish) are shopping hard now…’s been a long pressured summer for them by this point. They hate hooks. So, thinking like a wily fish helps this time of year. Make fewer drifts, no false casts, stay back a ways from your quarry, dress dark and stay low. Wish I had a buck for the number of times I’ve said that. Water temps still a little warm for evenings. Mornings are fine……Hope you are well.

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Critters are acting like Fall

The Geese are beginning to think about getting the flock out… can hear it in the tone of their calls. Saw a group of ten female Mergansers hoovering small fish as they do just before heading down to winter grounds. Mornings are gorgeous! Get up and get going before the sun clears the ridge. My advise is to rig what you can the night before. Nice not to tie knots before the coffee kicks in…..Flows are below 100cfs in town, and still warm. Flows are near 500cfs down in the canyon, and fish-able. I didn’t have anything to do yesterday, so I did continuing education instead. Watched thirty fishers roll out and fish ineffectually, as usual. They all used the same highway pull-out and didn’t walk far (20yards). Then they flogged the water with 100-200 drifts standing in the same place. They didn’t check what’s on the menu, they fished their lucky favorite fly. Did I mention the water was knee deep and very clear, and that they walked right up to the water with the rod sticking out over the water…..If there was a fish in the area before, there wasn’t one hanging around after their arrival. Since they were fishing behind a dozen others, success was unlikely to begin with. Generally I try to keep the fish relaxed to catch them. Standing over them, waving a rod around isn’t going to help you meet sizable fish, or any……Doesn’t help to pay serious money for fishing gear, and then fish like the other guy. My opinion is you can’t learn to fish while fishing…..spend some time watching how the other guys do it…..then don’t do any of that. We are all inclined to be Universal fishers….but some of us are aware of it. If you want to raise your game to A level, give a me a call!!!! I have a forty step program to help you give up bumbling and put fear into the hearts of fish. My goal is to make one cast, one drift, and catch one fish……what’s yours ????

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Some students just want a fish……a few burn to learn. This young man has spent a year practicing for his meeting with “Walter”. He’s not doing a poser either! His elbows are down at his sides….no need to exaggerate his prize. When you can’t wrap fingers around the fishes wrist, it’s sizable. As a teacher, I call this a graduation fish. Most fishers on the Truckee are happy with an 18-20″ fish… would be a trophy most anywhere else. But not here! There is so much to learn about this sport to reach goals. Give me a holler and we’ll get started.

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Almost Fall….

No Fall color showing yet, but I felt a temp change last night into the high 30s. Every day gets warm again, but now the differential between water and air temp is better. The lake surface is still warm in the evening, but gives some heat away slowly to a clear night sky. It’s pretty hard to lose heat when it doesn’t cool off at night. I would feel good about fishing a dawn attack now. Water temp was 60deg this morn. It will rise to 64+ by 1:00 pm. It could still go back to Summer, but for the moment….it’s fishing time. Flows are still dropping….at 116cfs today in town. Drive towards Reno for more water, 492cfs and stable. Fish the bubbles…… The Summer-end menu is pretty skimpy. The Stones are done. Not many Caddis out and about yet. I did see a couple BWOs in spite of nuclear blue sky. Watched Dragonflies feeding in formation….always a sign that there is something good to eat on the wing. Midges are on the water most of the day. Zebra nymph is a call. Mid-day a drowned Hopper might move a fish. No risers to be seen. A few less fishers on the water this week. Give me a holler if you want to walk the water at daybreak!

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Getting low……

Howdy all!!!! Celebrating 225 followers!!!! My version of viral!!!! Thanks for being there for me….and the fish. Down to 150cfs in town and way too warm. Nights just need to cool off more. When the river is down this low, it is time to quit fishing, and do your research. Where are the holes? How deep are those deep troughs? Take a look at the runs near shore that will be obscured when the water is big this coming Spring (yes, there will be a Spring!). You hear people say that it’s “blown out” when it’s big and muddy. Not so………I tell fishers that it is nice at 300cfs for most folks. But those who do their homework and have raised their game, are good to 1800cfs and more. I have seen risers eat dries in nearly 3000cfs in the Spring, and of course in the middle of Winter snow storm as well…… I have noticed in fifty years or so of fly fishing that many are out fishing when it is too warm for fish safety these days. They don’t want to stop, because they didn’t fish enough the rest of the year. With climate change and our drought…we need to fish earlier in the season, and of course the only way to do that is to fish Winter and Spring and early Summer…..not late Summer. Forget July, August, and much of Sept. I can remember fishing all Summer long……not anymore. Working with what we have makes more sense than complaining about what we haven’t got. I may be philosophical by nature, but I think fly fishing has helped a bunch! We are almost to cooler weather….just hang on.

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August…….Creeping towards Fall.

OK…..We had a few days of cool weather. The rain did not cool the river much in town, or change the flows. The river color changed overnight, but is clearing again. It did bring down the fire danger for a day. We’ll take it. Glennshire drive is under construction so a hassle. The town run is down to 170cfs. Boney and warm as well. Take a drive towards Reno if you have to fish. Down in the canyon it’s a bit cooler at dawn, but mid-morning, the temps come up even down there. Target bubbles for best results. Below Hirschdale it’s 508cfs and steady and 63-64 in the morning. A few bugs out early, then nothing except Hoppers through the day. Hoot Owl closure in the afternoon if you luv the fish. Starting to see Squirrels getting busy for winter…..

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