New Month!!!
It hasn’t changed much this last month…..The Green Drakes have faded away till next year…..sigh.
BUT, we have Golden Stones, and little Yellow Sallies in the house. Caddis are happening too. Several sizes…..12 through 20.
Has been windy a bit….had a guy out who found casting hard above 20mph….
So, I had him wind dap for a fish instead. Took about a minute for a fish to accept.
We bobber hard mid-day, swing a streamer way early, and late. Possibility of some dry action mid-day, and just before dark.
Try a hopper at high noon and afterwards when the wind hoots up.
PMD spinnerfall in the afternoon and evenings.
Did a seine for bugs and found Baetis popping, along side of tiny flying ants sz18-20.
The fishing pressure is intense along all of the river. Be sneaky for best results.

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Prime time

IT’S TIME! We’ve waited all winter for warm days and cold water. The flows in town are soooooo nice. 367cfs and blue/clear.
Bugs are a poppin! The menu is getting deeper…..Caddis are starting to flutter, Dobson flies too.
Flavalina are aflying. March Browns are the special right now. BWOs come off if we get a cloud.
The water is thick with fishers. Naturally spaced apart of course. Flogging is apparently in vogue as a Covid deterrent.
The fish are getting attention on all parts of the river. Be as sneaky as you can manage. Get that first drift in there for best results. Around here now, if they see or hear you coming it can feel like a ghost town. Limit rod movement, watch your shadow, no splashy casts! Mud your leader in open sun for best results fishing a dry.
I would expect more action nymphing though. March browns come off about 1:00 and return to the water at about 3:00pm for the spinner fall. Have fun………

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Spring time

My fishing buddy C, has been teaching the fish some lessons. Dry fly (March brown sz16) on the switch rod waaaaay over there.
The last few years I have been fishing/teaching far with the big stick for fun.
Takes some practice to make a fine presentation to fish in the next county. Terribly sneaky………
When I say don’t fish like the other guy, I mean fishing with the standard 9′ 5wt, among other things.
The fish do know what we are up to so approaching things differently helps……….
We had a spike of 700cfs last night due to rain and snow. The water temp dropped from 51deg. to 45. From near 400 to 1100 in a few hours. Color is still pretty good. Fish are not crazy about dramatic jumps in flow or temps, so maybe let the river stabilize before you attack..2-3 inches of snow will melt fast and contribute to rising flows.
That will stir up some food for the finny guys. It will force them to the edges and within reach of folks with a short stick for a few days. We are in the middle of the March Browns right now, with a side of BWOs if gray skies are happening.
Flying Carpenter Ants are on hold until it warms again.
The Green Drakes are starting to move about in preparation for their emergence. Crays were starting to appear, but also are on hold till the temps come back up, they like it above 50 deg. There has been lots of fishing pressure, so the fish are getting tough early this year. Bring your A game. If you should want to develop your A game, let me know, because that is what I enjoy most! Helping create the angler that you want to be…….scary good.

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A fishy time……

Still waters for a change……..Got my row on for the year, 5 days straight. 5-20 MPH winds.
Not for the faint of row. Went to the far side (of the lake) and had fun!
Caught a bunch of fish yesterday 30+….Smallies, Rainbows, Tui Chubs, Kokanee, and a few Browns.
On dries, bobber, and streamers.
What more do ya want?
I am guiding moving waters locally right now.
The mainstem Truckee is 450cfs in town and has nice color.
Fish are eating but are spooky from all the attention.
As always, be sneaky, and get a good drift.

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Starting to shift from high noon to early and late.

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April in a big way…..

OK, so Spring is back!!!
Butterflies showed up this week. We got ants and spiders, and wild bumble bees a-flyin…….
Most the local birds are back, and are acting amorous.
Flows in town are 430cfs, and 700+ down in the canyon.
Time for a big stick!
Guys that are weilding a 9ft 5wt are challenged in this size water.
We have Skwalla stones flying, and BWOs if a cloud passes over.
A few Glossasoma Caddis fluttering. Fish are looking up.
I feel it is going to be very warm for a while….that means the flying ants are coming soon, this is your tie or buy alert.
Folks are pounding it pretty hard because of resort closures….
Stay away from parking lots with people in them.
Otherwise…..have fun, and treat them nice.

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Really March…..

Ok, so winter is back! Actually, it’s not huge yet, but it is starting to snow a little. Looks like about two feet are due over the next few days. The wind let up from last night, so I may go out and fish in these light flakes.
Fish like bad weather.
The flows have bumped up in town to 221cfs, and down below is 680cfs……looks nice!
Slightly off color, and very fishable.
Skwallas will be hiding for a few days while cold, and will reappear later this week. March Browns are down the canyon a ways and are headed up to us.
This is the biggest dump so far this winter……not saying much, but we will be grateful for the water later in the year. Think snow everybody!!!!!

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Skipped a post for last month…..The reason is it was very dry and warm.
Not the snowy winter we were hoping for! It was so warm and T shirty that it felt like late spring.
Water is still low and clear, and fish are spookier because with no good snow on the hill, people are fishing.
Skwalas are still around, and might go big when it warms tomorrow.
No March Browns yet….but soon!
A few BWOs when cloudy.
No snow on the ground near water for the most part. Maybe in the shade…..
Try to find an eater and fish to him. Long leader and max sneak are a good addition.
We are back into a drought probably. Fish early and hard, to offset the summer blues this year.

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Junuary has been the same all month, no real need to post. The fish are still in there and can be caught, but you better bring your A game.
I hate to think about a drought, but it’s looking pretty thin.
We aren’t giving up yet, because we got all of our winter last year in Feb…..but the heavens better unload soon.

Conditions: Water is at 130cfs, 40 deg, and very clear. Midges mostly…….BWOs are coming soon.
Skwallas are about to go as well! I saw one yesterday in the shallows. It’s the first big bug of the season!
When I walk the water, I look for a flat rock near shore, that’s in 4″ of water, that is slightly raised off the bottom, with a little flow underneath. They migrate across the cobbles to shore, then wait for duskish light to come out and molt. They don’t fly here because it’s too cold….so they walk to the bushes to copulate and them walk back midday when it’s warmest.
Just before they emerge they get together to chat in little groups….not sure what is going on with them……
I wonder if they release a pheromone to sync up their deal. I watched them last year come in a wave of emergence to avoid the bird predators. Robins love them too……and I watch the Robins for a change in their feeding behavior.
We also change the way we eat, when snacking on different foods. Lots of mysteries out there.
So here is your tie or buy alert………wouldn’t want to wait for them to sell out at the shop.
They only come once a year, and big fish like them a lot. sz 4, to sz 10. Dry or nymph. Fish dries near shore in shallow glassy water. I like to fish the other side of the river because the fish are very spooky on this side!

No need for snowshoes, and a light jacket is enough for the daytime stroll. In the shade it has that 30+ degree chill.
Let me know if you need to walk the water, I’m out there anyway.


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Happy new year!

Got my license yesterday…..in the starting blocks for the start of a new year. The question again rises….can a fisher fish everyday of the year? This test has been going on since the Truckee went year round.
I have been able to fish over 300 days many times, but the last 65 are a harder bar to get over.
I’ll keep you posted…………
Give me a call to fish, because I will be out anyway….

Enjoy your year!!!!

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