Everyone was thinking we would have high flows all summer. But warm sun has had it’s effect…..The water master is holding back water to maintain lakes full, for the first time in 4+ years. The tribs are down to quiet levels and still cold. Inlets to lakes are good at dusk.    The Truckee has two different personalities right now. The upper section is lower and warmer…65 deg.  The section below Boca is cooler 62+ but is getting a tad warmer each week. Flows are very clear and so the fish hunker down during the day…Early and later is best….some hatches at dusk, with some surface activity…Fish have been sought by numerous anglers for several months…They have a spooky attitude by now..We increase our possibilities if we are sneaky. Don’t just walk up to the water….. Offer good food forms in a perfect drift……then, be gunfighter fast. Sweep set at the slightest quiver of change in the behavior of your indy. The fish suspect bigger offerings by now I think. I mainly hook up on the little dropper fly. A soggy hopper in pocket water is worth a try….Enjoy your summer….two months left before the cold returns….

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Bring your A game……

About a week or so ago…..the switch flipped. It is no longer the cool cloudy time of year. Though, not hot enough to fry an egg……it is hot enough to warm the water and slow the bite. It is early and late, with “challenging fishing” in between. If you start to feel beat up a little, try a tributary…..They are flowing well.

For our bug menu this week, we are serving Lrg Golden stones, Little yellow sallies, a few Lrg Amber sedge, and many little Glossisoma Caddis. Thought I saw a Isonychia….

It is time to include terrestrials on the menu as well……Hoppers, Ants, Beetles, and such.

No need to wear waders unless you like sweating off pounds like wrestler……..light, quick dry pants, and same shirt in drab colors.           A drab hat would keep you stealthy… sandals are nice if your toes are covered. If not, try wading boots and aqua socks…..Lots of folks on the water, and the road….

Water is over 60 deg due to surface release from the lake.                     Treat’em nice, and keep’em wet!

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Summers here….

It has been wonderfully cool, and fishy in spite of the bigger flows.
I know, I know…’ve heard it before….
They can’t quit eating or leave the river!
It’s true….
We’ve been touching fin fairly often.
They like the temps, and more water means they can move around more……
Temp varies with the time of day and location….bring a thermometer, and find slightly warmer water. Ranges from 50 down to 46….
Color is good and getting better. Green with 1-2 ft of vis.

Saw some large stones this could fish with a barge fly and a dropper in the eddies.

Green Drakes are popin’
PMDs have started as well…….
A Mahogany Dun or two, too…
and finally…a hopper. Definitely summer time!
Glossisoma Caddis and a few larger ones….
Flying Ants are done down low, but are around if you hike up to a back-country lake.
You can drown one all summer in several colors…red, black, and red and black….
Some Termites aflyin”…
The tribs a still pretty high….but I have heard some stories of fish to be had…
Lakes around here are producing Trout and Bass depending on water chosen.
Callibaetis, and Midges…

Difficult to share just how nice it is here right now.
Maybe you should come and see…..

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Big water…..

I lost my winter coat last week……..It is getting warmer every day.  The Spring melt has started in earnest! Flows are big in town at 2500cfs, and really big at 6000 in the canyon.

If you care to fish effectively you will need to modify your approach.
The normal fisher uses a 5wt rod and thinks about fishing dries………Since there are so few risers in big flows, we need to change it up.
The folks that choose to fish with an Indy, use 2BBs……which isn’t enough…..

Fishing Euro style is effective if you can find an undercut bank, and get close enough………  Using an 11ft 3-4 rod helps in this.

The other approach I use, is what I call industrial nymphing. An 11ft two-handed 6wt rod is the best bet. Being able to hold more fly-line off the water is key to a surgical drift.

The second thing I’ve noticed over the years is most don’t use enough weight……..A couple BBs aren’t going to get it down fast enough. So, I start with 3 ABs, and move up quickly….The other day, I didn’t hook-up until I had 4AAAs on my leader……another reason the sport a bigger stick.

And since a 9ft leader is good for only 6ft of water…..I end up making 12-15ft leaders. Fish are generally on the edges, or on the bottom, so get after them!       It’s empowering to be able to fish water that most can’t…….and when you do hook-up, the big water gives the fish an advantage, and is a hoot when you do land’em!

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Officially Spring!

imagejpeg_0 (2)

With the higher flows the Browns are out and around…….and it’s a good time for the me to fish!

For those not into early season fishing….I have to wonder why? The fish will be on high alert this Summer when everyone is chasing them…..the water gets warmer and their menu is large and challenging for folks to figure out what they are eating……No problem now though. Fewer bugs available, means fishermen have the edge.
Of course, when they jump out in the heavy current, it’s game on!
Give me a call while things are GOOD!

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Feisty cut bow with serious spots! A Flint fish…..
Wild is best!!!

Between the wet snowfall, and the rain, and runoff, the river is up.

Weather swings from beautiful and warm to chilly and early spring.

We have weather!
Snowing nicely…….not much sticking..(1 hr. later) blue skies……(1more hr later) back to blizzard…. As we say when some one asks about the weather….wait a few minutes…..

….Green grass is peeking out in places.
We are still just below freezing at night.
And snow’s melting rapidly….4-6″ a day or so..

Water is up in the grass, not a good time to try crossing…
Light green is the color.
Water temps drop late in the day with increased melting…42 down to 38 deg.
The sound of dripping is common…

Bwos in the afternoon.
Skwallas about done near town, but there are still a few…
Little winter stones are around.
Seeing some large and small Caddis….
Midges of course…..
Crays and worms….
Coming into a Spring menu…….Hooray!
Robins showed this week……it’s official, we ain’t going back to winter.
Parking is better….Glennshire is open.
We will have high water for a while… if you need help sorting it out, give a call.
It’s not the size of the water…’s whether the flow is stable…and it is..
I’m on the water almost everyday……

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imagejpeg_01One of my favorite things as a mountain dweller, is watching snow melt!                              It’s slightly more action filled than watching paint dry, but more satisfying……because we know our winter is coming to a close. The warmth we have been getting during the day is actually 49 deg, but feels like 60 deg. I have been doing a reptile imitation, just sitting in the sun, trying to convince my mind and body that we have gotten through another winter………

What I watch for are the first arrivals of Spring; Alder Gnat catchers, starlings, Geese, and in the bug department…Skwallas! These Stone Flies are a big bite for fish, after a Winter of little bites. We spotted one last week near Hirschdale, so that’s where Spring is so far. The timing is crucial for birds too. They will need to feed their offspring, and Skwallas make a nice meal for them, as well as the fish.  It happens a little differently every year, but will happen….and the cycle continues. It’s nice to be here too, to see another year begin again.

Not to leave you in suspense…..but the fishing has been great, and getting better. The higher flows are not an impediment to fishing. We shift styles…not as many rising fish to eat dries, but they can be caught that way, if you are patient.                                                 As far as other styles……bobbers work, and so does Czech or “Merican” high stick nymphing. Streamers are becoming more attractive to fish…..The water temp is 40+ right now, so fish are moving more. There are those who will wait for the warmth of Summer to go fishing. Personally, I enjoy fishing too much to take 5 months off……..

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Winter Love….

20170214_13110920170214_135152My question is why not go fish?  Aim for the Bluebird days in between the weather for fishiest windows……..But it’s so nice out, whether you catch or not, it’s wortha trip….

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Season to season…..


There are those who consider fishing in the Summer the only rational time to go out…….    It is actually better in Winter…..not much crowding…..and the fish have let their hair down….so to speak. There are some hazards….I fell this week, did a shoulder dislocate…. Learned how to self reduce……then went fishing……It’s too fine not to go.                           I’ve heard that fly fishing is good therapy for  shoulders, so that works out well…..            Just watch your step out there, and have fun.

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Winter fun!!!

img_00971The fish are in there!!!!  This Bow got Stephen going on a 4wt Sage ESN.                            Truly a fine time to fish……..

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