Winter fun!!!

img_00971The fish are in there!!!!  This Bow got Stephen going on a 4wt Sage ESN.                            Truly a fine time to fish……..

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Fishing with friends….


Kara says hi to another Christmas day Bow…..Adam sacrificed his hands…
Air temp 25, water temp, 35……

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Happier holidays..What a difference a day makes….

5 inches of fresh….


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Happy holidays…


We have a weather window, sun peeking through, and a fine snow falling…
The river is back in her banks, and clearing nicely.
It’s very easy to get around on the shore, not really needing to wade, nor is it recommended……
The fish have been co-operating with fishers that have a drift….
A stone-fly nymph and a midge would work..nymphing near the bank especially.
Haven’t seen any risers since the flows came up.
Going out now for a walk on the water……
Hope you all have a fishy new year!

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It was winter a minute ago….

It’s big water time……
The warm rain has been attacking the snow pack…..
The river is rising towards 2000cfs.,00060
It’s time for fishing the edges…..
The fish avoid current increases by finding soft water.
You should as well…….
Use a little more weight, say 3 ABs.Hit the seams
And you can use some bling, and/or bright colors.
If you do a seine before you fish, you can see that in scouring flows the menu broadens.
Stones, worms, and Caddis get washed away…might even see a craw flushed out in these flows…..
Even with bigger off color water, you still may see a riser in an eddy.
Keep a sharp eye…..and be careful out there.

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Time flies….


Late Summer, warm flows have passed…..
We have lower, but cold flows right now. 150cfs lower in the canyon..
Water temps are mid to high 50s.
The last storm, was our first real one, the flows came up some and then dropped back. It was off color, but is now clear again.
No snow in town….in fact, little up high yet. A little over two feet on top of Mnt Rose, and dustings elsewhere.
I have written about the feeling of Fall in the air, sorry for not keeping up the posts here….When it cooled off, I suddenly got busy again…

I realized recently why I enjoy Fall so much…..
It’s due to the rapid changes that take place. Spring comes slowly, Summer can drag on…but Fall is obvious in it’s shift.
Right now, there are thousands of Coots staged up to fly away for Winter.
I only see this once a year.
Robins are acting different, running around in groups…
My favorite bug indicator, the Brewers Black birds have gone.
There are fewer birds when I go to water…getting quiet.
There is a resurgence of Bugs…Oct. Caddis, several types of Mayfly.
Small Winter stones have shown up too.
The days are nice, air temps 40sto 50s…feels like higher.
Some breezes in the afternoon, a windbreaker is a good call.
The fish have been seeing less pressure from visitors, but locals have been after it.
We know that soon it will take some heart to angle in the snow. So, we are getting it while we can….
Hope all my blog followers can stroll along the river before snow fly!

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A one drift fish…..


I have become a “one and done” specialist.
Statistically speaking, our best chance to hook-up is on the first drift.
Approach quietly, analyze the currents, place the fly carefully……
(Like it’s the last drift you will ever make.)
Tend the drift…….and be ready.
Have a plan on how you will deal, if it happens……
And plan on it happening….because it might…

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Prime Summer


Temps are nice, and fishing is pretty good right now……
The fish are seeing some pressure, but if you come close on the bug/fly, and nail a good drift, the fish appear!
Mid-day has slowed…
There is a nice hatch early and late.
The water is clear/green, flowing nicely, and swings from 55 deg at dawn to 65 at sundown.
A range of Mayfly emerging…sz20-sz10.
Several types of Caddis sz18-14.
Little Yellow Sally sz 18-16.
A few Large Golden Stone.
Grass Hoppers abound…
Midges happen…

Mostly it’s about getting a good drift….
I’m a teaching guide, so if you burn to learn……give me a call.

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Spring Serpents….


It’s not all about fish!
Found three of these beautiful guys this spring.
Rubber Boas are about as docile as they get, great for snake therapy!
Never bite and so soft/smooth.
Have heard they are hard to find…..feeling lucky!

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A fine time!


If you wondered if it was time to go fish, I’d have to say yes!
The upper river is perfect, and camp grounds are still little used…
Bait guys fish this section, but stay near pull-offs mostly….
Walk a bit for best results. Be sneaky.
Mid-river near town is clear/green and near 50 deg.
Flows are dropping an inch or so every day.
Picking up the occasional fish on dries, mostly with BWOs.sz18-20.
Seeing swirls on streamers near the bank for browns.
The Ants will fly this week with the warm temps. Bigger flows down in the canyon, but very fishy too.
Finding a wide range of food forms in my bug seine…..
Golden Stones, Little Yellow Sallies, BWOs, Mahogany Dunns, Free range Caddis, and many Midges…
Don’t wait too late this Summer, it will get to low/warmer flows soon enough……..

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