Prime Summer


Temps are nice, and fishing is pretty good right now……
The fish are seeing some pressure, but if you come close on the bug/fly, and nail a good drift, the fish appear!
Mid-day has slowed…
There is a nice hatch early and late.
The water is clear/green, flowing nicely, and swings from 55 deg at dawn to 65 at sundown.
A range of Mayfly emerging…sz20-sz10.
Several types of Caddis sz18-14.
Little Yellow Sally sz 18-16.
A few Large Golden Stone.
Grass Hoppers abound…
Midges happen…

Mostly it’s about getting a good drift….
I’m a teaching guide, so if you burn to learn……give me a call.

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Spring Serpents….


It’s not all about fish!
Found three of these beautiful guys this spring.
Rubber Boas are about as docile as they get, great for snake therapy!
Never bite and so soft/smooth.
Have heard they are hard to find…..feeling lucky!

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A fine time!


If you wondered if it was time to go fish, I’d have to say yes!
The upper river is perfect, and camp grounds are still little used…
Bait guys fish this section, but stay near pull-offs mostly….
Walk a bit for best results. Be sneaky.
Mid-river near town is clear/green and near 50 deg.
Flows are dropping an inch or so every day.
Picking up the occasional fish on dries, mostly with BWOs.sz18-20.
Seeing swirls on streamers near the bank for browns.
The Ants will fly this week with the warm temps. Bigger flows down in the canyon, but very fishy too.
Finding a wide range of food forms in my bug seine…..
Golden Stones, Little Yellow Sallies, BWOs, Mahogany Dunns, Free range Caddis, and many Midges…
Don’t wait too late this Summer, it will get to low/warmer flows soon enough……..

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Ninja skills…..


I often use the term “fish ninja” when talking to new fishers….
This picture says it all……
Don’t wade at all when possible.
Stay low, and use cover…
Stay in the shade if there is any.
Drab clothing is a good call as well.
The fish pick up on our habits, and try their best not to meet us….
Hone your fish ninja skills, and I know your stats will go up!

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Just a heads up…

Feels like flyin’ carpenter ants aren’t too far away…

Buy them, tie them…

But get ready..

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Fishmas Day…..




All the good girls and boys can’t wait every year…..
I attended fishmas-eve party with lots of fishy folks benefiting TU..
Most all the guides in the area are under one roof, and many local fish ninja talked fish and consumed frosty beverages……
I closed it down with a couple of new friends, and then pulled an
all-niter since start time was dawn!
Felt a little fuzzy…..but 6 drifts into the morning….THE TUG!!
Well worth staying up….


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Another day at the office….


I love getting beginners into Truckee River fish.
With these flows, a nice fish becomes a fire drill!
Can’t hold your ground, gotta run time….
Bottom line, it’s time to fish.

Keep an eye peeled for fish sipping BWOs in eddies.

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Boca Lake is filling nicely, and fish are are moving up….

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Well……we are getting there.
Just about to call it Spring, but still getting a small blast….
Just enough to make things icy…
Snowed yesterday, and will be overcast today.
Fish like clouds, so give it a go….
The bugs are starting to think it’s spring.
BWOs, March Browns, a few Skwalla nymphs..
High flow worms are a bet.
Might be worth bringing a staff.
Bring back-up clothes in case……
Fish have mastered the quick-draw already this year….
Be ready!


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Vacation’s over……

Sorry all, for neglecting fish posts…..
Early Spring is when I take some time to fish.
I need to recharge fish juju, since I give it away the rest of the year….
But the season begins, and I’m feeling feisty!
The Truckee is looking better, with a fair snow pack, and higher flows.
For those who don’t fish higher flows….here is some feedback from yesterday.20160306_145929[1]


You’ve heard me say before….the fish can’t quit eating, or leave the water………
Even when near flood stage and 6″ of visibility…

My goal is to help my clients fish on any water….anytime.
First we learn the basics……and then, we go deep…..
Join me sometime to raise your game.
Will be guiding here in California on the lower Sac, the Yuba and the Truckee river till the end of May, then back to Idaho to guide for the Summer..
looking forward to a great year of fishing!!!


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