It is time again for fishing an Ant! The flying sort……
Tie them or buy them soon……

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Big water season….

The river is up to the edge of the bank…touching the grass. This is a great time, with larger fish nearby.
Hovering around 2000cfs and clear/green with the temp around 50deg.
We have BWOs and March Browns as the special, and a pink worm as the desert portion. (They are sold out locally.)
Little Glossisoma Caddis have started popping…..
Crays are out and around, carpenter ants are out and will emerge and fly any day!
Streamers are a good choice for hungry fish, they need to be heavy though with these flows. Maybe try a sinking leader as well. Swing it near the bank for love.
We are in prime time right now….several days this week were nominated for best day of the year for being alive and fishing!
High sticking is a good approach, since they hold right next to the bank. Another way to go is the two handed rod. But don’t try to fish the middle, just the first twenty feet or so…….
I’m using 3-4 AAAs split shot in pushy areas, but if you find some glassy water 2 split will do. The takes are very fast since they know the season has started. Sweep set like a gunfighter. And, be prepared to run……
We have another 3 weeks of bigger water, then everybody who can’t/wont fish these flows will show up and start flogging the water. I had a full day trip yesterday with a nice couple. We had the river to ourselves all day. Caught a few, hooked a biggy, and generally had a great time. Sitting in the sun, near the water with a beverage, and watching the bugs cycles is about as good as it gets. Getting a little weather later this week, that sounds very fishy. See you on the water.

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A fine time in the mountains!



Shawn is feeling fishy… took 3 drifts for a personal best bow. Flows are up and beautiful! The fish are active and so am I!!! Give me a call for fish advice…..


They’re up!


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A little motivation……

I know there are a few folks out there who would like to catch fish like this Brown.
The question arises, what are you willing to do about it?
This kind of fishing has nothing to do with luck. The fishers who depend on luck, hook a fish like this once in a lifetime. Andy does about one a month.
They are in there, what are you going to do about it?
Give me a call when you decide…….I can teach you too.

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April moves……


A close fishing friend Andy strikes again. He is looking for something bigger, and is always willing to study.

We never know from year to year how the Spring melt will evolve. I spend a huge part of my life visiting the river and monitoring all the players in the riparian system. Doing this every day helps me get closer to predicting what will happen. But, the main two variables are weather and flow changes due to dam releases. If we experience very warm conditions obviously snow melts, if it rains we get a melt spike, and if it’s cool and cloudy our snow stays longer. I view the GOES WEST satellite from NOAA, every day….weather If it’s warm, then the increased melt forces the Water Master to release more water, to keep from over-topping the dam. I’ve learned that fish dislike radical changes in temp or flows. When its cool and cloudy the flows steady up and the fish turn on. So the other predictor before going to fish the Truckee River, is to watch the USGS flow reports…
Therefore, I look for a day like today, with cloudy conditions and steady flows to go fish….
The way you learn when to go fish, is to go frequently, in all possible conditions for years/decades on end to find the pattern that is most productive.
Right now the water is a blue green color, and steady in temperature @47deg.
We are seeing an occasional Skwalla stone, but they are mostly done for the year. Many BWOs if it’s cloudy.
March Browns are starting to show as well. Watching how the birds are feeding will help you choose your bug offering for the day. I fish year-round, but the times of year I get a little more fish twitchy, is the time just before the melt, during the melt, and right as the river steady’s up into Summer. This is the prime time for finding your personal best fish because of the linking of factors……The food has arrived in the form of larger and more numbers of bugs.
The flow is high enough to provide a scouring effect that suspends more food in the water column. High flows also give cover for bigger fish to move. And the slight color allows us to work closer for better success.
Since many fishers think high water isn’t good, the pressure on the fish is at it’s seasonal lowest, and the fish are most willing to come and play……….Now, you just need a perfect drift…..give a call for the inner secrets of that art…..

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March madness, in April……

Hope you all are having fun out there!!!
We are having fun up here…….
I say every year……don’t wait for the low flows.
The best fishing of the year is now!
2000cfs and rising in town, with just a touch of color to help us fish closer without being seen.
There is a lot of food scoured up and the water is over 40 deg. The spawn is on and fish are fired up.
BWOs, Skwallas(still), March Brown Mayflies, worms, eggs, and STREAMERS!!!!!!.
No wading….fish are very close. Fish the softer water…….

Give me a call……..

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Big water time!!

There is hope that Spring is coming!
The tops of the Sage brush is showing, and the days are a bit warmer…..several blue bird days in a row.
The fishing has been good, with the flows at 1200cfs, steady, and clear with 6ft of vis.
The Skwallas are almost done, and the March Brown Mays are starting to pop.
Still a few Winter stones, and BWOs are a mainstay….
I have caught fish on dries, bobber, and streamer in the last two weeks.
I would still bring snow shoes, frozen in the morning and easy, but on a warm afternoon you may be post-holing thigh deep.
The big fish are near the edge in these flows, don’t spook them on approach.
Bring a longer handled net , because the fish don’t want to come on shore, and you don’t want to wade.
Those that don’t know how to fish bigger water need to learn from someone who does! Because the big guys play now.
We find it just gets better as the flows come up. At 4-5000cfs they will stack very close to shore.
There is plenty for them to eat, and nobody bothering them yet…..(or so they think).
This is my personal favorite time of year to fish. Far better than later when the flows are low, people are pounding them, and big guys are hiding.
I’ve said this every year I’ve posted here, and my phone doesn’t seem to ring……my best advise, is to fish the water most fishers call blown out. Your personal best fish is waiting. Give me a shout to figure it out!!!! I’d love to help……

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March is Springing!!!

As usual, I took the month of Feb. off from posting…..
It is mostly deep snow time and nobody seems to fish in bad weather…except the local sticks, because you learn to fish when it’s good, not when others think it’s time.
So I enjoyed myself catching some of the best fish of the year!
Now we can feel the warmth returning.
The phone is ringing again and people are booking trips. (Mostly for summer…..sigh.)
My sharable observations are that the birds have returned.
Killdeer, Mountain Blue birds, Geese, Robins, are back this week.
They show up when the bugs show……..
This means I have survived another winter!!!! 31 and counting.
Been out every day for the last week or so…….you can leave the snow shoes in the truck right now….the snow has set-up nicely. Flows are around 1000cfs and steady. Temp near 40deg. and clear or Steelhead green….
Some shore is open in places and wade-able bank edges.
The brown water will start soon, but don’t let that dissuade you because as I always say, “They can’t leave the water or quit eating”… right?
Still a few Skwallas around, Little winter stones, BWOs, fewer midges………
The true sign of Spring though, is flying spiders……saw a carrion fly yesterday…..soon the ants will start thinking about another year…, I love fishing a flying Carpenter ant. I’d guess about 3 weeks for them this year.
Stay tuned!!!!!

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The time is now…….

20190129_150124We are chasing fish in some very nice weather right now. Almost T-shirt warm.
The best dry fly fishing is on the cloudy days….but on bright days bring your bobber set up!
Did I mention that SKWALLAS are here!!!!!
They just arrived yesterday and are appearing for a limited time…..tie’em or buy’em.


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A warm spell……..

Casey dials it in!

This season is hard to predict…….feels like Spring, looks like Winter…..
The fish weren’t looking up like a few days ago…..
So, we nymphed, our way to success.
It’s not about more drifts……it’s about one perfect drift, and Casey found it.
Midges, and Baetis are the main course being served, but, Skwallas are around soon.
Some little Winter Stones are appearing too.
Have fun, get after it now!!!!!

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