Weather and such……

They say up here, if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.
So, I’m waiting…..
Yesterday it snowed….and today….
The few guys that went out suffered a little, but caught fish.
Bugs were going off. Fish going off.
Some times, bad is good….
Heck, you’re dressed in Gortex to your chest, just get a jacket and go fish.

Every time I look at the NOAA satellite photos.
Mixed weather for quite a while yet.
Bring warm stuff, and your shorts too.
You just never know….

Tonight we will watch Ralph and Lisa Cutters DVD “Bug underworld.”
For the Fortieth time…
And we will tie flies, and plot our fishy plans.
Later, when I can’t tie any more, we’ll play “Trout Bum Diaries vol.2”.
Both are part of the homework I assign to clients.
I try to do mine too.
I’ll have fishy dreams tonight.
And, be ready at dawn with new flies and extra momentum.
Follow this plan often for best results.